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   Koh Samui is an island of the South East coast in Thailand located near to the mainland in
   Suratthani province in the Gulf of Thailand. It is also Thailand's third largest island. It is
   surrounded by sixty other islands most of which compromise the Angthong National Marine

   Koh Samui is now a renowned holiday destination with some of the best beaches and clear
   warm waters all year long. These days several hotels ranging from budget resorts to luxury
   villas line up the shores to cater to the needs of almost all kind of visitors. Restaurants, bars,    and chilled out nightclubs could be found at all the important tourist towns. Shopping for
   fine arts, antiques, tailors, or ready made street clothes could be found in abundance with
   prices being very reasonable.  Adventure and activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, kite    boarding, water sports,  jungle trekking, sailing, ATV's, canopy and many more are offered here    for those who don't  just want to chill all day on the beach. Its a holiday or permanent    destination for all!
   It also offers one of the good dental service at - Beauty Smile Dental Clinic

Location in Koh Samui
Location in Chaweng
                    CHAWENG CLINICS

   Beauty Smile Dental Clinic has three clinics
   located on Chaweng Beach Road.
   BSDC Chaweng - 1 is located at the very    south end of Chaweng Beach Road    between Calypso Diving and First Bungalow.

   BSDC Chaweng - 2 is located on the ring    road (4169) just opposite the Chaweng post    office.

   BSDC Chaweng - 3 is at the very north end    of Chaweng Beach Road at Natien Resort    very close to Co Co Blues.

   In case if you need any help please call us
   at the following telephone numbers    
   + 66 (0) 77 413 762,     + 66 (0) 8164 92779

                       LAMAI CLINIC

   Beauty Smile Dental Clinic has one clinic
   located on Lamai Beach Road.
   BSDC Lamai is located at the very south end    of Lamai Beach Road opposite Golden Sand

   In case if you need any help please call us
   at the following telephone number    
     + 66 (0) 77 458 331

Clinic in lamai
BeautySmile Dental Clinic - Chaweng 1 Beauty Smile Dental Clinic - Chaweng 2 Beauty Smile dental Clinic - Chaweng 3
Beauty Smile Dental Clinic - Lamai Branch
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