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We care for you at Beauty Dental Clinic - Koh Samui, Thailand
   We prides on having dental specialists and dentists with them having year of experience working in dental field. Our dedicated caring
   staff of professionals dentist have trained in some of the top universities such as Chulalongkorn University, Songhkla University etc.

   Our friendly and dedicated staff of experienced dental nurses have been in dental field for numerous years and provide  great logistic    support to our dentist for providing quality and professional services to our patients. The dental clinics are equipped with the latest    technology that provide our staff the opportunity to give the best quality care and personal service in a relaxing atmosphere, compared
   to the best in western nations.

   We strive on providing the best possible service, dental treatment and care in Thailand. We are happy to fix up appointments that may
   suit to your convenience. To fix up an appointment drop in personally to our clinic, contact us by E-mail, or phone.

        Dr. Nopphadol¬†¬†                                                                                       Dr. Pawitree
              Nawalertpunya                                                                                       Nawalertpunya
              (DDS)                                                                                                      (DDS)
              Chulalongkorn                                                                                        Chulalongkorn
                     University                                                                                                University
                 Bangkok, Thailand.                                                                                 Bangkok, Thailand.            


        Dr. Pangpipat                                                                                               Dr. Parinyaporn
             Yubonpun                                                                                                     Sri-on-tieng
             (DDS)                                                                                                       (DDS)
         Srinakarinvirote University                                                                     Srinakarinvirote University
                     Bangkok, Thailand.                                                                                Bangkok, Thailand.  

       Dr. Sirinate                                                                                               Dr. Sirate
             Sae-wong                                                                                                Rapeepatana
             (DDS)                                                                                                       (DDS)
                  Songhkla University                                                                      Srinakarinvirote University
                   Songhkla, Thailand.                                                                                 Bangkok, Thailand.  
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