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   Discover how good it feels to have a new smile at your very best.

   Beauty Smile Dental Clinic (BSDC) is located in the warm, beautiful tropical island of Koh Samui    in South Thailand. We specialize in providing a range of dental treatments such as dental    implant,  crown & bridges, veneers, inlay & outlay, braces, dental x - rays and many more.

   Our team of dedicated skilled cosmetic dentist and dental specialist can make it a reality for
   you. They are highly experienced, qualified (most trained overseas in reputable institutions)
   very helpful and friendly to provide you with the best treatment you can receive in Thailand.

   We use the latest techniques and equipment for dental treatment at our clinics and ensure
   that international sterilization standards are maintained.

   Our prices are reasonable locally and very cheap compared to other western nation.
   Get value for money, visit - Beauty Smile Dental Clinic on Koh Samui.    
We are located in KOh Samui, Thailand    BSDC's mission is to provide the best dental treatment available in Thailand with emphasis
   on proper care with a professional approach. We charge our clients - locals or foreigners the
   same standard prices which are very reasonable and affordable, please feel free to discuss
   with us the cost prior to treatment.
   Years of experience in the dental field has led us to regularly upgrade our clinic with the top of    line dental equipment that we use to treat patient's thus adding to their comfort and safety.
   We take time and care to deal with each and every patient on an individual basis and    recommend the best solution.

   The clinics are properly maintained with a particular emphasis on general cleanliness, disinfec-
    tion and sterilization.

   We care for you.


       Beauty Smile Dental Clinic
       121/1, Moo3, Chaweng Beach Road,
       T. Bophut, Koh Samui, Suratthani,
       84320, Thailand.

       Tel # + 66 (0) 77 413 762
                + 66 (0) 8164 92779  

Dental Implant

       Beauty Smile Dental Clinic
       offers a promotion package for
       minimum of two person on
       Laser whitening treatments.

       For more information please
       visit our web site at the "FEE"

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